The Carpenter Law Firm – Seattle Court-Martial Lawyer Available for Worldwide Defense

The Carpenter Law Firm P.C.  

Seattle Court-Martial Lawyer Available for Worldwide Defense

Proven and Experienced Military Defense

If you are currently facing military criminal charges or administrative separation, you need the assistance of an experienced military lawyer with a a proven track record who is familiar with the UCMJ and the military justice system. Your hard earned military career now deserves the best Information and professional guidance available.

“There is not a more dedicated Trial Defense Attorney advocate or litigator in Europe, his skills, friendship and mentorship to young advocates will be sorely missed.” PCS Award 

Mr. Carpenter will handle your case with expertise, commitment and passion.  He  is available to consult with you in Washington State, the Western United States, Europe and the Far East.

Available for consultation at your local Trial Defense Service (TDS) Office on military posts, installations and bases worldwide.

email:   Email me for free Consultation

phone: +1 206 326 0803

Best Military Defense Lawyers


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