Toxic Leader?

Are You One of the New Toxic Leaders? –  The Unceremonious End to Leadership

Army doctrine has embarked upon unchartered water. Army Regulation (AR) 600-100 is the unabridged testament to civilian “political correctness.” This new regulation will presumably force many of our commanders into early retirement, to include many gifted men and women who were, until now, destined for greatness.

In April 2017, this new regulation ensconced itself upon Army life.  Its emergence seems preoccupied with pacifying worried parents and their sensitive and perhaps innately disgruntled Facebook generation-children. By further implication, this misguided and profoundly overly-hypersensitive regulation attempts to treat all leaders alike, no matter their age, gender or rank.  It is the latter of these three purported characterizations that is most breathtaking.  By illustration, AR 600-100 fails to acknowledge that the customary (and inverse triangle paradigm) HHC Company Commander billet is distinct from a Division Commander role.  Indeed, by a baseball analogy, nobody should ever compare the roles of a first base coach to the club’s president.  Each “descriptive leadership requirements” requires a certain tact, a certain demeanor to get things done, and assuredly, a certain leadership aura or presence. In sum. this regulation effectively treats all U.S. Army missions, and leaders, the same.  It is therefore, with due respect, and in my humble opinion, patently absurd.

Due process requires more, and we, at Court & Carpenter PC, can help with such pithy allegations.




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