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“Three Article 120 Charges Dropped”

5.0 stars

Posted by Kevin December 5, 2016

“To be charged in the military with a sexual offence is devastating. It is literally life changing Your whole world is going to be radically altered. I was falsely accused with 3 counts of abusive sexual contact by another NCO that I had been dating who made the allegation a year after the fact when she was facing her own legal troubles. I was facing possible prison, a felony record, and sex offender registration. I knew that which attorney I hired was going to be the biggest decision of my life. I chose Steve. Mr Carpenter is not afraid of the government, the prosecutors, or your chain of command. Steve goes to work for only you and he’s literally going to be the only person outside of your family that you can trust. We battled the government for almost a year and a half. In the end, we submitted a Ch 10 and it was approved, charges were dropped. I walked away with a clean record, no jail, and can finally move on with my life. I will forever be grateful for Mr Carpenter.”